Floor Verhulst (1999), based in Rotterdam

Floor, alias Flo, takes photographs because they want them to be important. As a queer and non-binary individual, they have always missed representation of other people like them while growing up. Through their photography, they want to make the invisible visible by creating their own world in which the (gender)queer identity is not only fully accepted, but also celebrated. Inspired by intimacy, relationships, and the queer identity, they will photograph anyone who is not afraid to show their true colors. Because to them, representation is not only knowing other people like you exist, but also seeing a piece of yourself in others and thus fully embracing this.

Over the past years, Flo has worked on commission as well as on personal projects. Their work has been featured on VICE, KEXP, Crack Magazine and Elle Magazine, they have worked for clients like Theater Rotterdam, Dekmantel Festival and De Volkskrant, and within a few months of working as a photographer they already had a magazine cover under their belt. 

In order to request a specific portfolio, please send an e-mail to the address written below. 
email: floor.verhulst@hotmail.com

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Elle Magazine, September 2020 issue

Klauw Magazine, Summer 2020 issue

Dekmantel Connects, portrait photo series. (online publication)

“Plaatjesmakers: Episode 1” Documentary by Tengbeh Kamara


Klauw Magazine, Summer 2021 issue 


De Grote Nederlandse Kunst Kalender, 2023

Dekmantel Festival, Artist portraits (online publication)


De Grote Nederlandse Kunst Kalender, 2024

VICE Netherlands “Flo maakt kwetsbare foto's over liefdesverdriet en eenzaamheid” Interview (online publication) 

VICE Romania “Fotografiile astea îți arată pe bune ce înseamnă singurătatea și cum e să suferi din dragoste” Interview (online publication)

VICE UK “The Exquisite Mess of Being a 20-Something, in Photos” Interview (online publication)

Subbacultcha “H3ritage Studios: An Interview with Shirin Mirachor & Reda Senhaji” (online publication)

Subbacultcha “H3ritage Studios: An Interview with Five Selected Artists” (online publication)

Vice Netherlands “Dit was 2023 door de ogen van onze favoriete fotografen” (online publication)


Flair Magazine Nederland, Foto van de Week, uitgave 10 t/m 16 januari.

Cover V Bijlage - De Volkskrant, Johannes Wirix-Speetjens, uitgave 24 mei 

Group Exhibitions

The embodiment of freedom
“Se retrouver”
Huis van de Fotografie

December 2, 2021 - December 4, 2021

About Confidence
“Honouring the self”
Studio 151
September 19, 2021

About Confidence, Genderclown and Pink
“On Identity”
ViaVia Salon

Weelde Rotterdam
July 31, 2021 - September 1, 2021