About Confidence (2019)

Whilst growing up, I have dealt with the feeling of being out of place. Often feeling “too boyish” compared to girls my age, I had a tendency to put myself in boxes that didn’t feel right. Not conforming to a feminine appearance is something I have been doing from an early age. I have never considered myself very feminine nor very masculine, which sometimes made me feel like I had to explain myself to the outside world. By surrounding myself with like-minded people and supportive friends, my confidence has shifted throughout the years. I realized not everything in life is black and white and it’s totally valid and okay to take up space somewhere in the gray area and completely make it yours.

I made this series of self-portraits because I wanted to capture what I was feeling that day. I did not necessarily feel in harmony with my appearance but yet very confident with who I am; somewhere on that spectrum between feminine and masculine, unapologetically doing my own thing.