(re)visiting (2020)

(re)visiting was made over the summer of 2020. Earlier that year I got to experience requited love for the first time, in my opinion an important experience for every human being. Four months later it came to what seemed like an inevitable end: a heartbreak accompanied by feelings of grief and loneliness. I went to revisit places that revive memories of her as a way of reclaiming them. Everything reminded me of her and the things we did together, and by going to these places alone I wanted to find peace in being by myself. I also visited the places we were supposed to go to together as way to process what I was going through. (Re)visiting is more or less in chronological order, divided in three chapters: The first chapter is about reliving memories. It is followed by pictures of all the things my partner has given me and things that still remind me of her. The final chapter is about the memories we were planning to make together. The projects consists of 36 slides, which are projected onto a wall by a slide projector. The 'slideshow' is accompanied by a piece of music ('True Sorry' by Ibrahim Maalouf), which enhances the emotions that arise while looking at this work. This installation is about first love, intimacy and attachment as much as it is about dealing with loss and learning to be on your own again. By visiting and revisiting my memories and its places, I found a way to process all that has happened and find peace with it.